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VIVA – Doing sport is a significant activity to do because sport can make the body more fit and healthy. As it turns out, throughout history there have been examples of sports that were considered weird and dangerous.

The world of sports is mostly limited to those that are best known, watched, or played. The sports that are often performed or shown are football, tennis, badminton, cycling, and others. But here are some weird sports, people need to know.

1. Running of the Bulls

Dua banteng besar tabrakan.

Dua banteng besar tabrakan.

Bull running is a popular sport in Spain. The goal of the sport is to run in front of the bull, and hopefully not go headlong. Bull running can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and is still a popular sport today, despite it could bring danger.

2. Charming Worm

Ilustrasi cacing.

Worm charming is a weird sport that involves trying to pull the worms out of the ground by playing music. The music can attract worms to appear on the surface. This sport originated in England and is still popular today.

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